Thursday, October 22, 2009

The political process in America-Defunct

22 October 2009

The political process in America is broken beyond repair. I think that participating in the Federal and State process is pretty much a waste of time any more, it being corrupted to the core by “politicians” whose primary goal is totally self-interested. “There to serve the public interest?” Forget it. Please, have you not noticed this by now?
Now, I am beginning to understand that the local process is also corrupted as much as the Federal and State political processes.
The sociopaths/psychopaths who so obviously are running governments, worldwide, have become so firmly entrenched on every level, International, Federal, State, and now local, that trying to use the political process is truly a waste of your time.
So now it is self-sufficiency time, you know, that state of mind and existence where you look to no one but yourself for what you need. Stop begging. Haven't you noticed that your requests for help are being ignored anyhow? Start learning—how to take care of all your needs on your own.
This is a pretty big order since the citizenry has been dumbed-down by the “education” process—ask any student and they'll tell you they hate it. It's like a prison in which you're conditioned to be stupid. And our kids are bright enough to know this.
And the rest of the population has been conditioned to pervasive complacency in which they feel powerless to do anything to help themselves.
Plus, the system is designed to keep you from being able to learn self-sufficiency. You are taught to look outward for your needs, not inward.
Under these conditions, lots of luck in learning to be self-sufficient. The deck is stacked against you. But here's a fact: You don't have any choice.
So, what is a person to do? Your survival will come from working at the grassroots level which means those who live around in your neighborhood. Get to know them and learn what their skills have. You will be amazed at the basic survival skills, like gardening, hunting, fishing, etc, that the dumb guy next door who sits in 8 X 8 cubicle glaring at a computer screen all day really knows about these things. But, you get the idea. Organize at a grassroots, neighborhood level. This is doable.
While you're at, rediscover your humanity which has been scrubbed out of your innards by the compulsory American lifestyle. Another suggestion: Turn off the T.V. It's not entertainment, it's propaganda.

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