Thursday, June 23, 2011

Videos, videos, out my ......

Videos, videos, out my ______. I have complaint and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. My complaint is that, more and more, I go to websites for info I consider critical in keeping me informed about a world that is clearly coming apart at the seams, and I find nothing but a video. That's great if you have braodband, but some of us still live in the stoneage of info and have dial-up. Some of us don't want anything but dial-up because we read and actually enjoy doing so. If I wanted to watch a movie, I'd go to the movie house. If I wanted to watch the boob tube, I'd turn it on. But, of course, neither of those carry the info I'm looking for. (They are government issued propaganda!) The Internet does, but more and more, posters on the Internet are going lazy and using videos. That doesn't work with dial-up. I'd like access to this info and would appreciate a written version so I'll know what the heck is going on. But, usually, there's no text accompaying the video. So, we stoneage dial-up users just get left out.
I don't want to be forced into getting broadband service. Personally, I don't want nor need it--that is, unless everyone starts to use videos instead of using the old-fashioned version of communication, called text, otherwise know as books, periodicals, sheep-skin scrolls, stone tablets, etc. These versions of communicating have worked for centuries and after the collapse which will happen, the Internet is down, and other electronic forms of communication are down or extremely limited, text will again be in great demand. Where are all those hard copies of survival info everyone is now demanding? Have they disappeared or become extremely rare because everyone went to watching videos, and becoming part of the mentally lazy and illiterate majority of our population? We do have an education problem in this country, don't we? Are we going to let the Internet turn into just another version of the boob tube? Do you really want our culture to turn into a place where everyone can watch a video and do the monkey-see, monkey-do kind of community, but given a written text are clueless? That's what it's beginning to look like to me. Illiterateville? Dummytown? Clueless city?
Further, I don't want broadband service because, in my area, there is only ONE broadband provider. I call that a monopoly and won't promote further growth of this behemoth by becoming another unwilling subscriber. Whatever happened to that capitalist, competitive economy where competing companies offer services at competitive prices? Oh, that's gone south too! Dang! Anyone noticing this transformation besides myself? This is another issue altogether. I won't digress.
Further, my neighbor next door would like access to the info, but doesn't have computer. (Believe me, there are many, many people who still don't have computer access nor the knowledge to do so.) But, my neighbor would like to know the info that the video displayed. I can't deliver the video to him/her, but I could print out a hard copy. Problem is, I can't get a hard copy from a video. I really don't have the time to watch a video over and over and over and over again in order to make a written transcription of the info to give to the reading folks.
Please, I plead with all you video addicts, to also provide text that gives at least a brief summary of the info you are trying to disseminate. At the very least, give a link to a website that does provide the info in text that I can turn into a hard copy and hand to my neighbor who would like to survive too. There's that segment of the population you are leaving out altogether. Why are you doing that? Is it laziness, or what? Short sightedness? What?
It would be really good if you would follow the lead of Dr Mercola's website and provide both a video and written text. Please, I'm pleading with you video addicts. Consider that everyone needs the info not just those plugged into the instant access, information age.