Monday, October 26, 2009

American Drivers Are Totally F***ed In Their Skulls

I had a liaison at the police dept tell me that at least 10 percent of the drivers out there shouldn't have been give a driver's license. I asked her why, and she said because they're incompetent, but, when they screw-up and harm someone or damage someones property, the judges deem that, because they have to have a car to get to their jobs, he, the judge, just can't see taking their licenses away. I mean, they'll lose their jobs. The world will fall apart if the arses lose their jobs! Hey, try walking, riding a bus, or getting a bicycle. You creeps are too much of a hazard to be on the roads with the rest of us.
How many more of us have to be maimed, permanently disabled, or dead before you judges decide that “Oh, I do have the power and will to take their licenses away!” Hey, judges, here's a clue: Before there were cars, people still managed to get to work. And simply because the current “system” seems, I repeat seems, to make it necessary to have a car to get to work or do anything else, just remember that for centuries before the invention of the car, people got around, and they somehow, miraculously got around that entire huge world without a car! Even today, hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions, get to work every day without using a car.
And, you Americans have a sickness that I call “hurry sickness”. This sickness comes from being turned into mindless little machines [That's what our education system is designed to do; make you a complacent, obedient, mindless machines.] that turn out parts for stuff, like toys, cars, ships, etc, all of which are so cheap that you have to replace them frequently. But, the money system that runs us demands more and more and more speed. You gotta turn out those tinker toy parts faster and faster so that you're megalomaniac boss can make more profit. Hurrying senselessly becomes an ingrained mental habit that spreads like a disease to every other part of your life, and it seems, especially your driving life. But, no matter now hard you worked, how fast your were, they still sent your jobs to China and other foreign countries where the slave laborers do the same jobs for pennies. Try to get a coffee pot from China to last more than a year. Hey, aren't you proud that you are part of a system that handed bankers and big business billions of dollars, and yet, you haven't seen a dime of it. You lost your job to outsourcing, after that you were foreclosed on because quite reasonably, you couldn't pay that armed robbery call an ARM mortgage [Where do you think they got that acronym?], and now you're in danger of losing your precious car too, your alter ego, the only place left where you can feel any sense of power in your sorry life. No wonder you Americans are pissed off and want to run over everyone and everything that's in their way! No wonder. No wonder cyclists, pedestrians, and people in motorized wheel chairs are in constant, mortal danger from you nut cases! Aren't you proud that you bent over and allowed yourself to become just another mindless part of their mindless machines and did it without a whimper? Your grandma and your mama tried to instill a value system into your skull, but under the pressure and brain-washing of the system, you abandoned that wisdom. Dang! Be proud!
And keep in mind that you've been convinced that your really are a worthless piece of crap, valued at some low dollar value [Note: A dead Iraqi is worth about $2,000 last I noted.] Life used to be considered priceless. Not any more. Now that you know you aren't valued much, kind of a throwaway person in a throwaway culture, I can understand how you think that when you main, permanently disable, or kill another person, that they weren't valued as very much either. So, give them a toss. What's the big deal about the loss? The judge isn't going to make you pay.
Now that I understand what's driven you out of your skull, I still don't want you on the roadways with me. Stay home and get drunk. Take your violent urges out on someone else. Oh, you are doing that already, aren't you. Domestic violence? That's rising exponentially. I understand, but I still don't want you crazies on the same road with me. Go home. Stay there.

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