Sunday, October 25, 2009

Humaneness is Still Alive

Humaneness is Still Alive

25 October 2009

In the Lansing State Journal this morning, it said that Howard the Combine Kitty is going home.
He was found, in July, by two boys, and apparently had his front paws nearly detached by a combine or other farm machine.
Donations came in to assist in the surgeries needed to repair his legs so he has a chance to walk again, though not with paws, but on stubs that will have to callous up. Amazingly, even in recessionary times, enough donations came in to care for Howard's medical costs and 3 other shelter animals too.
At moments like this I still feel a slight hope for the human race; that it may have enough caring and sane members left to prevent its entire demise through self-hatred and self-destruction. I'm celebrating Howard's happy outcome too because it shows me a little light at the end of the tunnel in that, if you leave the average person to their own devices and behaviors, they come through and demonstrate decency and humanity which is what I would love to see coming from our so-called “leaders” in government. Humaneness is still alive. Let's nurture it!

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