Monday, November 9, 2009

Time to Get Off Your Butts!

Ok, people, get a clue. The sedentary life-style is NOT good for you! Time to get off your butts if you want to live a healthy life while eliminating many of the diseases that go with sitting on your butt.
I've been watching, particularly, the elders around me, and those who are still active and percolating through life productively, are those who exercise. Those who chose the sedentary, American life-style, are now in nursing homes, hospital beds, and walking Alzheimer's cases.
I don't know, but the choice to me seems kind of simple; get off your butts!
Okay, so you're one of these people who need “scientific” proof instead of using your own powers of observation which is highly underrated and discouraged in American culture.
In Bicycling Magazine, Nov 2009 edition, it has an article titled: “Your Brain on Cycling”. It says that research points to the cognitive benefits of cycling (exercise), even for people who don't have ADHD. Oh, another disease that's coped with by exercise! The list seems to be growing. Haven't you noticed? Pay attention. It would be easier to pay attention if you got off your butt and exercised. Hey, 20 minutes 3 times a week is not much. That's the easy baseline. Anything above that is plus stuff; greater health and faster thinking.
Besides controlling ADHD (Don't eliminate recess!), activities that require balance, quick reactions, and decision-making skills control ADHD in children and these activities may help adults with focus and concentration too. Here's a suggestion for you. When you buy your kid a bike, buy one for yourself too. Your bill for psychotropic drugs for your kid will be reduced because he/she doesn't need them, and your health, blood pressure, and mental focus and concentration will improve too while your building a closer family relationship (which is also lacking in American culture).
Also in AARP magazine article, “Your Brain on Exercise”, it says that “
exercise improves memory, concentration, and abstract reasoning among older adults, and may even delay the onset of Alzheimer’s. “ So, please, no excuses about “I'm too old, or Oh, ladies don't do that”.
Ladies, you need to get off your butts too! Forget about what's “culturally” acceptable, and take care of yourself. The URL for magazine article is:
Also, control of blood pressure has turned into a major pharmaceutical industry in this country. But, you don't have to join the lemmings on their way to destruction. There is a way to control blood pressure without drugs. It's called exercise. In an article by the Mayo Clinic (for those who are still addicted to listening to “experts” instead of their own common sense), it says: “

Having high blood pressure and not getting enough exercise are closely related. Discover how small changes in your daily routine can make a big difference.”
By Mayo Clinic staff
And, again, no excuses about age. The article states: “
Your risk of high blood pressure (hypertension) increases with age, but getting some exercise can make a big difference. And if your blood pressure is already high, exercise can help you control it....” The plus side of this is that there is one less toxic prescription costing you money and cluttering up your medicine cabinet. The URL for the article is:
Get moving folks!

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